What I Look For in a Submissive Partner


I have been receiving a lot of messages in my inbox asking about what I am looking for in a submissive woman.

I am a dominant man, respectful, loving, intellectual, responsible, seeking a relationship based on chemistry and collaboration, not merely fantasy.

I am awaiting a submissive woman or babygirl, I can cherish, adore, spoil, treasure and protect. Even though I am into the bdsm lifestyle, I’m not merely looking for a sex slave. I want something more meaningful. I want to be with my best friend.

For Me, Dominance and submission is far more than the practice of “different” loving, or authority over one’s lover. It is a state of mind and heart which colors the whole partnership. It is a bridge of energy between lovers that unites them regardless of the issue of the moment. It is a path into the deepest intimacy with another soul.

I am currently seeking a submissive partner. Please read the above text. I am located in Southern California, Los Angeles.