Things About Me

I was tagged by @missrum34, 
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Nicknames: None Gender: Female 
Star sign: Capricorn 
Height: 172 cm or almost 5’8" 
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw 
Favorite colour: Black, grey and nudish pink 
Time right now: 22:55 
Average hours of sleep: No idea, 7? 
Lucky Number: 11 Last thing I googled: My self actually xD 
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 to 2 
Favourite bands/artists: NIN, Lana Del Rey, Ghost BC and Hole 
Dream trip: Hmm trekking around south east Asia with a better budget than back packing 
Dream Job: Don’t know 
What I am wearing right now: Sweats and a t-shirt 
When I made this blog: 1,5 years ago 
How many blogs I follow: Almost 46k 
Posts: Over 1k 
What I post about: Porn! 
Do I receive asks daily: Yes 
Why I chose my URL: It’s based on Alice in Wonderland. And I liked the idea of that.