Loaning your slave out to other men for them to fuck is one of…

Loaning your slave out to other men for them to fuck is one of the most degrading things you can do to a slave (or so I was told by one of my slave’s after loaning her out to a friend of mine).

My slaves are only allowed cock in their mouth and their asshole. Their cunt serves little purpose for me; A good target for my spanking paddle. A place to attach clamps and weights. Basically a sensitive area for punishment.

The aforementioned slave had agreed to be anal-only but craved being fucked in her pussy.

So I told her that the only way she was ever going to experience a real cock in her cunt as my slave was if a stranger was brought in to fuck her.

I told her if she wanted that, she would be bound, blindfolded and made to wear ear plugs so that she could not see or hear throughout the whole session.

She did not want to do it at first, but the desire to feel penetration in her list got so great that eventually she asked me to make it happen.

As per our agreement she was given instruction to accept whatever was requested of her. She was told that if she was able to come during the session it would be allowed. Then she was tied down with her ass in the air, blindfolded and ear plugs put in her ears. A large buttplug up her asshole.

I called a friend of mine. Actually a mutual friend of both my slave and I. She did it know this but I had been telling him all about her submissive ways for months. He came round and I showed him to the bedroom where she was waiting.

I told him to leave the large plug in her ass, but he was welcome to her mouth and her pussy. I also told him not to talk to her, just do what he wanted. He was told that he was welcome to take any photos/videos he wanted on his phone as a momento.

I waited downstairs watching TV while he had his way with her. I never asked him what he did to her but I did hear her gagging on his cock at one point and she did have a very loud orgasm.

After fucking her he left and my slave was never told who it was who had fucked her. Even after we went our separate ways she begged me to tell her, but to this day she doesn’t know it’s a friend of us both.

We often all meet up for drinks and social events. Every now and then I’ll see him sitting next to her and he’ll look over at me and give me a knowing look.

The next time I go to work I think I’ll put the lockable…

The next time I go to work I think I’ll put the lockable buttplug up my slave’s asshole, open it up and lock it in place. Then chain her up by the buttplug to a reasonably long chain.

She’ll be able to walk around the house, to a point, but every time she gets to the end of the chain she’ll be stopped in her track by her asshole.

Dressed appropriately and ready to obey.Simply putting on a pair…

Dressed appropriately and ready to obey.

Simply putting on a pair of heels and some hold up stockings isn’t enough to prepare for your Master returning home.

You should present the best possible version of yourself to him at all times.

When I walk through the door after a long day at work not only do I expect to see my slave face down, ass up presenting her asshole and worthless cunt to me, wearing nothing but slutty heels, hold-up stockings and her slave collar. I also expect her to have taken time to do her make-up the way I like and to have neatly and precisely tied her hair back in a pony tail to keep it out of the way when I use her.

It doesn’t matter that within five minutes her mascara will be running down her face.

scentofslave: S Collared and leashed, dressed like a common…



Collared and leashed, dressed like a common whore, wearing far too much eye makeup, tits out and on display for him, hands kept behind her back at all times while she sucks on his cock.

This is how all blowjobs should be performed.