I’ve debated with myself whether to write about this subject or not because this is a porn blog not a personal blog. But since I try to be real and conscientious on here I want you to learn from my mistakes.
I had a full set of STI tests taken a week ago and yesterday I was contacted by the clinic. Unfortunately, I have been infected with chlamydia. I haven’t had unprotected sex with anyone since my x so odds are he infected me but it’s impossible to know. I don’t know how long I’ve had it but it’s been about a year since I was tested the last time. Because we were in an exclusive relationship it shouldn’t be necessary to get tested. Now, I can in the worst case be sterile.
My point is that I want to encourage you all to get tested sooner rather than later since many STIs don’t give you any symptoms and always practice safe sex! Use condoms, also on toys that aren’t exclusively used on you, and get tested regularly. With any luck I didn’t pass it on to the people I’ve seen after my x because we used proper protection but I’ve of course written them to get tested too.
I feel guilty and dirty although I know I shouldn’t and I don’t want any of my lovely freaks to have to have the same experience!.
Alice Strange