Spanking is srs business

D: (during our latest spanking) You know what this spanking is really for?
Me: No… what? (squirming)
D: It’s to congratulate me for getting this job!
Me: (giggling hysterically)
D: (giggling too)
Me: Well (squirm) a spanking IS (giggle) A one handed… ow… round of applause (squirm) for a great ass!
D: (snickering)
Me: My butt says congratulations!
D: (laughing)
Me: (laughing) Okay, I’m trying not to laugh right now I swear…! (squirm)
D: (spanks harder)
Me: OKAY, not laughing! Not laughing!
D: (laughs harder)
Me: (through giggles) Fuck you.