Some things just don’t mix


Some backstory; I used to date a cop. He was a fine young man, and, being protective of his property, taught me extensive self defense, and how to get away from someone 3x my size.

I have a rape play fetish

These two experienced do not mix well

Flash forward to a few months ago, my current Sir and I negotiated a rape play scene, safe words are in place, an aftercare protocol is ready, printed, and on the desk. We’re ready. It’s on him to initiate, whenever he wants, when I’m least expecting it.

So what happens? I go to the bathroom, come out, and there my Sir is in a ski mask. My Self Defense skills kick in, and I punch him right in the face, kick him in the stomach, and run out the house for all of five minutes until it dawns on me what exactly I did.

I rush back into the house, my poor Sir is on the floor, winded, in pain, and hurting bad. I grab the aftercare protocol and offer him the first thing on the list I see- a warm blanket and my stuffie 😂

He just looks up with me, pain in his eyes, and says “Kitten, you could’ve just safeworded!” 😂😂😂😂

I explain what happened, and then we agreed to only do rape-play when I’m restrained from then on 😂😂😂😂