Rules: complete the questions and tag 20 peopleHow tall are you? 172 cmWhat colour and style is your…

Rules: complete the questions and tag 20 people

How tall are you? 172 cm

What colour and style is your hair? Long, straight and dark blonde

What color are your eyes? Grayish blue

Do you wear glasses/contacts? Yes

Do you have braces? No

What is your fashion sense? Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of punk

Do you have any siblings? A half brother and a half sister, both a lot older than me.

What kind of student were you? Hard to say. Average I guess.

What are your favorite subjects? Sociolinguistics, politics and postcolonial studies

What are your favourite TV shows? Futurama, Midsomer Murders and Miranda

Favourite books? To Kill a Mockingbird, anything Douglas Coupland and Discworld.

Favourite past time? Dance classes and partying

Do you have any regrets? Yes

What is your dream job? No clue. Either go pro in porn or work with cultural relations/international relations.

Do you want to get married? Yes

Do you want to have kids and how many? No

How many countries have you visited? Depends how you count but at the best 19 not including where I live 

What is the scariest dream you’ve had? That I tried to kill someone or that I was pregnant and couldn’t get an abortion. Don’t know which was worse #fuckedup

Do you have any enemies? Not enemies but there are certainly people I dislike.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? No

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