iwontbenice: Who needs anger management when you have a fucktoy….


Who needs anger management when you have a fucktoy. There’s no reason to be anything but nice to the world when you have a little cunt to take your frustrations out on. That’s what she’s there for, so make it her fault. Make her cry because you’re not happy. Make her suffer so the the undeserving people in your life don’t have to.

And make her know it. Let her see you treating every one else with the greatest respect and kindness. Let her see this knowing you treat her as less than human, a thing to abuse. Never giving her mercy or kindness, making her feel guilty for everything that goes wrong, and punish her for it. Then just keep abusing her the rest of the time anyway. And even if you don’t really tell anyone, make her wonder or even believe that no one respects her, that they know what a pathetic desperate whore she is. Eventually anyone has to come to really believe it about herself.

Make her tell you everything that makes her happy, just so you can destroy it and humiliate her with it. Punish her for anything that makes her feel respect or joy. Forbid her from the simplest happy thought, expect those that involve her suffering, or pleasing you. Make her crave abuse because it’s the only way she feels any worth. Then always give the bitch more than she thinks she can take. So she knows she’s craving something she’ll be begging you to stop while sobbing like a broken little slut. Because really, you know this is secretly what she always wanted. And now she’s scared because she doesn’t know if she can handle it, but knows she won’t say no. She hates it, but craves it. She begs for it, then wishes anything to make it stop. She doesn’t want you to listen. She wants you to ignore her, but her desperate cries for you to stop are real.

And you laugh, because then you can punish her for not taking it like a good little bitch.