imsleather: Introducing: The Bootblack Chronicles!!! Says…


Introducing: The Bootblack Chronicles!!!

Says Bootblack meghan:

Throughout this year, I wanted a way to document my experiences on the other side of the chair. Here, you’ll find photos of loving, hot, funny, dedication and passionate Bootblacks and their stories.”

And so, as she sits in the chairs of different bootblacks and documents their journey you can read those documentation here and follow meghan’s journey.

First up, meghan sits with Gabriel Majors!

Last night I wore a pair of boots that needed a lot of love. They were my tech boots from Bluegrass Leather Pride last year when I first won my KY state title. With Gabe and I, it’s usually one of the two of us working at our home bar for events. This weekend, he was working and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to sit for him again. This man has been behind me from day one. He gave me product, his time, and knowledge along the way. From answering a frustrated/crying phone call about boot problems, to being one of my biggest supporters. He’s answered my peppering questions, worked through problems with me, and taught me that it all comes from the heart. It’s people like him, that helped me get to where I am now.
I am so lucky to have such a passionate role model and teacher in my life.
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