Hi! First of all, I love your blog, it has provided me so many moments of pleasure, and I’ve also found out you’re a fellow Ravenclaw/Horned Serpent! My heart might be melting a little bit <3 Now for the question: have you ever met with tumblr/online fans? Is it something you consider doing in the future? Lots of love ^^



Thank you so, so much <3

I love hearing from my fellow geeky freaks 😀

And to answer your question, I only ever met with one fan and it was a spectacular failure. It was a date and he was incredibly pushy and rude and when I rejected him he offered me money to sleep with him :/ (Not dissing prostitutes, but there’s something wrong with a man who offers a woman who’s not a prostitute money for sex.)

I don’t rule out ever meeting with a fan again though. 

/Alice Strange