Happy and Nervous


“I want you be happy and a bit nervous”

She wants me to let go, and just experience her.  

Today is my 600th day of complete orgasm control.  (I haven’t had an unauthorized orgasm in 20 months.  Time flies when you’re having fun!) 

And today I just happen to be on day 3 of my first enforced chastity lockup. As you’ve may read – to date, I’ve always used chastity devices as a safety net, or security blanket.  I’ve locked up voluntarily to keep myself good.  But it was always my decision, and I always had the key.

Now it’s no longer my decision.  I am kept.

And I’m giddy! I feel at home. Actually I feel like I’ve been homesick and yearning for so long, and I finally can relax completely.

This morning we snuggled and beamed at each other.  The morning sunlight illuminates her smiling face.  She’s happy that I’m so wriggly and responsive.  She spooned me after I brought her coffee – completely on time and without me getting distracted (I’m so good).  She thrusted against my ass and teased my nipples as she held me.

She mixes hugs and kisses with pinches and biting.  She wraps herself around me and holds me tight.  And she holds down my wrist as she seduces me with her lips and breath, and teeth.

So I’m always feeling loved and predated upon. 

She’s worn the key for the last few days now.  This morning, in our small talk, she angled for a titanium pendant – a symbolic piece of jewelry, so she can keep the actual key safely hidden away.   Titanium appeals to her as it is beautiful, strong and unyielding.  (Just like her!)

She told me she likes me this way.  We’re in a virtuous feedback cycle of love and affection.  And this feels natural.  

I am incredibly happy, and slightly nervous.