Halloween Costumes Part 2


The less-common: There are obviously tons of costume ideas out there that are still easy to find and put together, but aren’t considered one of the staples, so there’s a good chance you’ll be the only one you see on Halloween in a similar costume. You can also use these as an excuse to show off your quirky side!

What it says about you:  Obviously still want to be sexy, but you don’t want to risk being at a part with 10 other girls dressed as the same thing. You may still not be the smartest girl at the party, but this shows everyone that you at least tried to come up with something fun and different. Guys (and girls) will appreciate the effort, and a lot of times will use it as an excuse to talk to you, even if it’s just to ask you what your costume is supposed to be. Sure, they probably already know, but it makes for an easy ice-breaker so you can make new friends!

A few examples – 

The clown:

The nun:

The pilot:

The farmers daughter: 

The mouse:

Let’s face it, this could be almost anything, so have fun with it! Need help? Feel free to ask.