Halloween Costumes Part 1


With Halloween approaching, I know it can
be hard for some girls to come up with costume ideas, especially if you’re not
so smart. So I wanted to do a quick series for all my amazing followers that
will help you come up with costume ideas, and also let you know what your
costume says about you, so that you come across exactly how you want. 

In part 1, I’d like to start with “the basics”. The basics are the standard costumes that most girls think of first: maid, nurse, cheerleader, schoolgirl, etc. These are great because they’re easy to think of and easy to find. Sure, you’ve seen this idea 100 times, but that just gives you an excuse to make sure that your costume is the sexiest, most fun version they’ve ever seen.

What they say about you: To people who see you in one of these outfits, this says that you’d rather be cute than smart. Sure, you weren’t smart enough to come up with a more original costume, but as long as you look sexy you can show everyone how fun you are. Besides, this is a great way to tell guys (or girls) that maybe you need someone to help you make decisions in the future!