Every Girl’s Duties


1. Do whatever he wants sexually.  Period.  Learn to enjoy all of it.  Yes that means you have to lick his ass, drink his piss, suck on his feet, lick his toilet clean, let him beat you with a belt until you are black and blue, etc.  Just do it.  You will be happier and he will be happier if you do. 

2. Look how he wants.  Let him pick out your clothes, your makeup, your hairstyle, etc.  If he wants you to lose weight, go to the gym every day until you are perfect.  If he wants you to get bigger tits, let him buy them for you.  

3.  Cook and clean.  If you live together, clean his house every day and make him food when he gets home from work.  Greet him on your knees, or however he tells you to.  Take off his shoes, massage his feet. serve him dinner and drinks, and suck his cock while he eats.  

4. Be respectful.  To all men.  Call men you don’t know “Sir” and always defer to their judgement.  Do not speak unless spoken to.  Do not EVER assume you know better than a man.  You are a dumb fucktoy service animal.  

5.  Destroy your mind.  This is the most important piece.  You must work actively at brainwashing yourself.  Watch porn constantly.  The more extreme the better.  Always make yourself horny.  Always drill it into your head that you are stupid, worthless, and inferior.  Because you are. Men want girls with no dignity, inhibitions, self respect, or desire to be, know, or do, as  much as a man.  Make sure he knows you know what a brainless, vapid cock-puppet you are.  Make sure he knows you support the patriarchy and male superiority.  Stop educating yourself about the world.  Read about supermodels and pornstars if you must read at all.  Make yourself into the mindless slave you and he both want you to be.  

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Good luck, sisters!