Dear girl,


Sometimes I want your head on my chest so I can stroke your hair while you fall asleep. Sometimes I want to choke you and slap you while I fuck you, then cum on your chest. Sometimes I want to buy you a dress and parade you around our friends while you call me “Daddy,” pretending it’s just a habit left over from being around the kids. Other times, I want to take you over my knee and spank you till you cry, then kiss you softly and start all over.

I want all this, but more than all those things, I want control. More specifically, I want you to WANT me to be in control. So I’ve become highly attuned to your needs. I endeavor to deliver what you need before you know you need it. So, while it may seem like I’m doing whatever I want, the truth is, I’m really doing what you need. 

And when you look up into my face with those big brown eyes and say, “thank you for taking such good care of me”–that’s when I REALLY get what I want.