Countries you’ve lived in: Denmarkfavorite fandom: Harry Potter, Discworld, TrueBloodlanguages you…

Countries you’ve lived in: Denmark

favorite fandom: Harry Potter, Discworld, TrueBlood

languages you speak: Danish, Nordic, English, and a bit of German.

favorite film of 2015: Uhm. Don’t watch enough movies. The Revenant I guess.

last article you read: Deborah Tannen on language and gender.

shuffle your music library and put the first three songs: Nine Inch Nails – Suck, Nine Inch Nails – Closer (Precurson) and Lana Del Rey – Ride.

last thing you bought online: Nude court shoes. 

phobias or fears: Agoraphobia and feet!

how would your friends describe you: Crazy, wild and caring

how would your enemies describe you: Slut, superficial and arrogant.

if you had money to spare, what would you buy first?: Clothes and shoes. I have down prioritized it for too long!

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