My lovely freaks,
I love that you write me but I simply cannot keep up with the chat and inbox. I’ve tried but I fall short every time. I’m very sorry. It’s not that I don’t appreciate you but there aren’t enough hours in the day 🙁 I’ve just had to block a follower because he got very nasty with me because he was mad at me for not answering and I would prefer not to repeat that experience 🙁
So please know, I love you all and I do my very best, but I still have work and uni and dance classes so I simply can’t be on tumblr all the time.
/Alice Strange

Alice don’t feel bad, it’s like running a restaurant (if the restaurant serve one hella of a booty). You can always choose, this is your YOUR tumblr and we are not board members here. Would we like to see more? Yes, but don’t sacrifice your life for our “needs”. You get to do the one thing ever little wish they could do, be the MOTHER FUCKIN QUEEN (as my ex would say). Stay classy and TFTBA Alice :*

Thank you so much! That’s incredibly sweet :$
And I’m going to do more 😀