10 facts



I was tagged by @jigensgirl to post 10 random facts about myself so here goes:

1. Learning about the concept internalised misogyny changed my life considerably.

2. I have a cat.

3. I never thought my blog would have more than maybe 100 followers.

4. I’m absolutely addicted to doing pole dancing.

5. I love girly things like shoes and makeup.

6. I have the black belt in karate.

7. I detest judgmental people.

8. A tumblr follower once recognised me at party.

9. My blog’s name, its header and my pseudonym are based on Alice in Wonderland.

10. I always have to make a meal plan because I spend most of my money shopping since pretty things make me more happy than fancy food.

(11. I LOVE all my freaks! <3)

/Alice Strange

This is one of the reasons why I love seeing Alice on my dash and one of the reasons why I have so much love and respect for this lovely lady! She’s a mix of a tough chick, a girly girl, and an all around awesome person!

Oh wauw. This is just the sweetest thing