Hi,checked out you hub uploads “amazing”you were asked about your relationship status, if your single who did your rope work and do you thin being a master outside of a relationship is ok( no sex) your beautiful and amazing thx



Thank you so much :*

I am single, any videos or pics with rope work or spanking etc are old. 

I am not entirely sure what you mean about being a Master outside of a relationship. I don’t believe that people have to be in a relationship to practice bdsm or sex, if that what you mean. Casual sex is fine by my moral standards. If you mean being in a relationship and additionally being a Master for someone else I think it’s wrong if it’s not something that agreed upon with your SO. Personally I would be hurt and felt cheater on, regardless of you not having sex.

(That is why I’m not dating vanilla people, since I fear that I at some point would end up cheating.)